Men’s Hairstyles for Your Nights Out

How to choose the right men’s hairstyle

So it’s 8PM on a Friday evening, you’ve just finished work and are oh ever so happy to get out of the office. You’re still undecided as to whether to head home and hit the sack or maybe venture into town and have a couple of beers with the lads. As youre about to leave the office, on of your colleagues tells you tonight is one of your owkr colleagues birthday party, and they’re having a big one at the town’s biggest nightclub, strippers included.¬†Your mood changes and now you defo want to go out, but what about the rat’s nest that has been living on top of your head for the whole week?

if you want to look good you need to get the right hairstyle for you and also ensure it lasts throughout the night. Your hair type will dictate your male hairstyle and so will your personality, so let’s have a look at some tips for you to get the right hairstyle for a great night out.

Tips for men's hairstyles and going to nightclubs

Men’s Hairstyle Tip 1: Choose your style according to your hair type

According to men’s hair expert Rogelio, founder of the men’s sites Men’s Hair Blog ( and Manly Curls (, “your hair type is just about the most important factor dictating your hairstyle”. Rogelio, who is also the author of the bestselling books The Curly Hair Book and The Men’s Hair Book, pioneered a popular hair guide for men based on the shape of your own hair. According to his hair guide, there are 4 types of hair: straight, wavy, coiled and kinky.

This is how Rogelio briefly describes the 4 hair types he coined (he has dedicated a whole chapter to hair types in The Men’s Hair Book with plenty of illustrations):

Straight hair is hair that grows infinitely without curving whereas wavy hair grows and curves in S shapes, coiled hair grows and curves in a coil pattern and kinky hair is hair that grows as tiny coils difficult to see at first glance.

Each hair type has a range of hairstyles that can benefit men and while there are other factors at play (hair length and personality, Tips 2 and 3 below) Rogelio urges men to find their hair type so that they can then make better decisions concerning their hairstyle. You can find a summarized version of Rogelio’s hair type guide in the link mentioned in earlier paragraphs.

Men’s hairstyle Tip 2: Know your hair length

Hair length is also an important factor when choosing the right hairstyle because hair will behave in different manners according to its length. To complicate things further, the different hair types will behave differently at different lengths which further emphasizes the need to know one’s own male hair type.

According to Rogelio, there are 4 different lengths of hair for men: near shaved (the length of a buzz cut), short (from a buzz cut to 2 inches of length), medium (from 2 inches to 6 inches) and long (over 6 inches long hair). An example of how men’s hairstyles differ wildly among lengths is this other guide of Rogelio on short haircuts for men posted at the Men’s Hair Blog and which covers some military theme haircuts and styles for men that work out very well with the ladies at nightclubs.

Ideally you should know your hair length at all times but if you don’t know the length of your hair at any given moment then it’s just as easy as grabbing a ruler and measuring your hair in less than a minute. As a rule of thumb, measure your hair once a month since hair grows about one centimetre (or half an inch) per month.

Men’s Hairstyle Tip 3: Factor in your personality when deciding the hair style

One of the more common mistakes that Rogelio says men make when choosing a hairstyle is basing their personality around the hairstyle and not the other way around. A hairstyle should be “the icing on the cake to an already customized personality” says Rogelio, “and not a cop out for behaving in a predictable way as stated by the image you’re trying to project through your hairstyle among other traits of your image’s puzzle”. Some solid words by Rogelio which explain in part why many men, especially young men, tend to put way too much emphasis on their superficial image to fit in into urban tribes that are often times destructive for anyone who gets in them.

Try to do some self introspecting if you haven’t already and aren’t sure what your real personality is like (most guys under 25 haven’t reached a meaningful conclusion anyway). Whether you already know your personality or have yet to find it out, browse around the different men’s hairstyles and think which one style would truly suit you. I recommend you to start with Rogelio’s Men’s Hair Blog as he has many hairstyle tutorials there and you’re bound to find at least one hair style or haircut that you’ll find appropriate for your personality. Also do consult your hairdresser or barber on what relevant hairstyles he can recommend to you.